The Benefits of a Bathroom Cabinet

An organized bathroom cabinet provides ample storage to keep essential items close at hand. Take an inventory of your bathroom to help determine what types of cabinets will best serve it.

Opt for cabinetry that can resist moisture. If this is not an option, choose painted plywood base and solid wood drawers instead. Flat-style cabinets offer an elegant solution, complementing sleek accessories like brushed metal counter accessories and large mirrors beautifully.


Cabinets come in many styles to match any bathroom design scheme, from flat cabinets that look clean and sophisticated, which can be stained or painted any color to suit a specific theme, to taller versions featuring elegant hardware that complements their elegant lines.

Some individuals like to experiment with bold cabinet colors, choosing something bold like dark blue that reflects light and gives off a feeling of freshness and renewal in any given room.

There are various kinds of wood suitable for bathroom cabinetry. Solid wood, such as oak or maple, is durable and resists moisture damage well but may be more costly than alternative materials such as plywood. Plywood comes with close-grained real wood veneers compared to medium density fiberboard (MDF) which contains wood fibers smashed together by wax and resin binders – it makes an excellent budget option.


Bathroom cabinets come in all sorts of materials. Wood is the go-to material, as its sturdy construction and premium aesthetic can add real value. Moisture-proof wood should be selected since bathrooms tend to be humid environments.

Plywood is an ideal material to choose in the bathroom as it is water and stain-resistant, while also close-grained solid wood species such as birch or cherry can add character and warmth. Particle board may become damaged over time due to humidity and moisture conditions in the room.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), an engineered wood product composed of composite fibres bound together by resin or wax, offers another affordable and stylish choice. Available in various styles and coverings such as veneer or painting for customized looks, MDF is more cost-effective than solid wood but less long-term durable.


Bathroom cabinets can make an eye-catching statement in your space when combined with eye-catching paint colors like pale gray or off-white; mid-tone light blue cabinets add timeless style.

Wood cabinets tend to be the most durable choice; however, PVC storage units may offer more cost-effective storage solutions; however, we advise using them only in short-term rental apartments as they may sag or rust over time.

Birch wood takes paint well, making it an excellent choice for bathroom cabinets. Additionally, its water resistance makes it resilient against humidity damage. Other popular options for wood types used for bathroom cabinets include oak (more rot-resistant than other options but less moisture resistant than birch). Plywood offers another economical option that is water-resistant when painted using water-proof materials like melamine or urethane paints.


Installing a freestanding cabinet is a cost-effective and timesaving way to increase storage while improving the aesthetics of your bathroom. Most cabinets come preassembled and installation typically can take only an afternoon.

Before mounting a cabinet in the wall, take care to inspect its interior to make sure there are no obstructions that cannot be moved. Electrical wires and plumbing supply lines can often be rerouted; however large vent pipes or load-bearing framing may not be removable.

Once your cabinet is in place, attach it securely with 3″ screws in stud locations using at least three. Adjust with shims if necessary until everything is level and plumb. Use hooks or adhesive organisers to hang items such as towels and hair dryers on hooks while installing shelf separators to keep similar products together; add storage bins/dividers as a last step towards organizing its contents of your new bathroom cabinet.

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