How to Walk on a Metal Roof

Walking on metal roofs requires careful steps and movements while remaining stable, keeping an eye out for lightning that could strike from above. It is also advisable to be wary of weather changes since lightning may strike from above at any moment.

Try not to step on roof ridges and seams as these areas of the roof may be unstable. Instead, walk along flat areas whenever possible.

Wear the Right Shoes

No matter your experience or intent on climbing on your roof to clean out gutters, wearing appropriate footwear when walking on metal roofing is key for safety. Traction shoes provide vital anti-slip capabilities which can prevent falls from roofs from leading to serious injury.

Ideal footwear should feature a thick rubber sole that grips the surface of a roof, along with being lightweight, comfortable and offering full-foot coverage. Furthermore, it should be free from rocks, dirt or debris which might puncture its soles.

Shoes come in all sorts of styles, making it important to select one that will meet your individual needs. Some have sewn-in tongues that make getting them on and off easier while others offer features such as quick lacing options or brass clips.

Avoid Wet Weather

There are a few key considerations when walking on a metal roof. First and foremost, wearing soft-soled shoes with good grip provides is essential; avoid stepping on any ribs or laps as these could scratch and damage panels; finally if in doubt call in professionals!

Avoid wet weather as this can make metal roofs dangerously slippery and dangerous to walk upon. Additionally, make sure that your shoes are clear of rocks, dirt, pebbles and other debris before walking onto any metal roof; any trace of rocks, dirt or pebbles could result in scratches, loss of traction and ultimately leads to falls and injuries; with proper precautions taken and fitted shoes most metal roofs can handle normal foot traffic without significant damages occurring.

Be Careful with Your Steps

Walking on a metal roof can damage it if you aren’t careful, so to protect its integrity the best way is by following some basic guidelines. Make sure that shoes with soft soles provide maximum traction on the surface, and try staying near rafters that provide stability underfoot.

Next, when traversing the roof, take your time when walking across it to help maintain balance and avoid slips or falls that could result in injuries. Lean slightly over to maintain stability on steeper roofs. And to reduce any risks of falling off metal roofs when walking on them.

Before venturing onto a metal roof, be sure to conduct an inspection to identify any areas that need repair or may not be safe for walking on. If there are dents, loose screws, or cracks evident then calling in professional assistance for assistance would likely be wise rather than trying to take on this job by yourself.

Keep Your Balance

No matter if your metal roof is flat or steep, maintaining your balance is key to preventing injuries from falling off of it. Lean over or crouch down for added support to stay safe!

Shoes designed specifically to aid with balance while on a metal roof are essential in order to remain steady on it. Look for shoes with lugs designed specifically for metal roofs and deep tread designs in order to improve traction on its surface.

As part of good walking habits, it is recommended to walk as close as possible to the decking areas while avoiding stepping on any ribs or laps of metal panels, in order to decrease chances of damaging them due to repeated foot traffic. Speak with your Bridger Steel product specialist about any specific recommendations regarding walking on specific panels types.

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