How To Clean Marble Floors: Best Way Is With Ph Neutral Cleaners

If your marble floor needs cleaning, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines for getting the job done safely. First things first – remember not to apply too much pressure while cleaning, as this could lead to permanent damage to the floor. Move everything, rugs, furniture or household objects out of the room until the cleaning is finished. Remove any dust or dirt using a clean damp sponge or a vacuum.

Fill a bucket with warm water and a small spray of ordinary dish detergent. Dampen the floor, making sure it is completely dry before moving on. Do not use harsh cleaners on the stone. These harsh cleaners can etch the natural beauty of marble floors.

When vinegar and other acidic cleaners are used to clean marble floors, they can erode the flooring and cause further harm to the stone. If you have hardwood or other flooring, use a sealer on it to protect it from the spill. Once the spill has cleared, re-polish the flooring to restore its beauty.

Acidic cleaners are harsh on wood flooring, but not on natural stone. If you are looking to keep the shine on your flooring, remember that it may take time and effort to keep your floors clean. Many people opt to put floor tiles down instead of using traditional flooring like carpeting. Tiles are easier to clean and maintain than carpets, which is another reason why many homeowners choose them.

When cleaning tiles, if you must clean your entire flooring at once, do so in portions. Use mop water only on the areas you want to clean. If you must clean the entire flooring at once, try using a steam cleaner or an acid-free cleaning solution. You do not want to use hard bristled brushes on granite or quartz tiles because they will damage the flooring. If you must clean your floors in a hurry, consider using a cleaning solution that is designed for stone or granite surfaces.

For areas of your stone floor where you cannot reach, use a soft cloth dipped in the cleaning solution on the area. Wipe the area dry with the soft cloth and allow it to air dry. Never use a rug underneath a stone floor. The rug may contain chemicals that can damage the stone over time. PH neutral cleaners are the safest products for cleaning marble floors. They are mild and pH neutral cleaners that do not damage stone surfaces.

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