Galley Kitchen – Efficiency in a Small Space

Small kitchen designs are becoming more popular these days. Small kitchen sizes decrease, the need to make large changes to the kitchen. You can still have a lot of room to work in and add in lots of features without a problem. If you are looking for a smaller kitchen design, then you will want to be sure to go with a professional contractor who has a lot of experience. These professionals will help you determine what would work best in your small kitchen space. They will also be able to give you ideas on how to utilize the little space you have available.

If you have a small kitchen but need a lot of extra counter space, you can always go with a bar area or a kitchen island. These will not only make your kitchen appear larger but they will also provide you with additional storage space and countertop space. Even if you do not have any extra space in your kitchen, you can always add it later on by purchasing a second sink, a cook top, or even more counter space. Kitchen islands are the perfect addition to any home.

Once you have your galley kitchen layout planned out, you can focus on adding all of the finishing touches, such as the right lighting. Many small kitchens do not have much light, so installing lighting such as under-cabinet fluorescent lamps can add a nice glow to your space. You can also use the track and recessed lighting to draw your eye up through your cabinets. If you have an island or a bar area, installing a chandelier will also provide a lovely romantic lighting effect.

Whether you decide to go with kitchen design Winter Park or create a one-wall kitchen with a single-use work triangle and single vanity, keeping the cabinet space clean and organized will make for a more efficient and productive kitchen. It will also allow for maximum use of whatever small appliances that you do have. So before you start shopping for small appliances and cabinet space, take a look around at the galley kitchen and determine if the design is right for your home.