Creating a Functional and Contemporary Kitchen

A kitchen is a place or portion of a larger room used specifically for food preparation and cooking in a home or at a commercial establishment. Commercial kitchens can be found in hospitals, offices, restaurants, cafeterias, military facilities, schools, prisons, and other similar establishments. Some modern day kitchens feature the innovative double conveyor systems that serve to speed up the process of making available food to customers. In addition, many kitchen devices and appliances have been designed specifically for use in commercial settings.

The kitchen itself usually consists of an oven, a stove, a refrigerator, a sink, a dishwasher and a range top. In some cases, such as in large restaurants and hotels, several other appliances may be present, while others may only be present in the kitchen. A stove top, often called a hot plate, is a flat surface on which food is cooked. It is placed on top of an oven which has been built into the upper floor level of a building. The stove can also be automated, or if personal kitchen equipment is available, manual operation can be used.

Many homes have a combination of a stovetop and oven, while larger hotels and restaurants have both a stovetop and a full service range top kitchen. Many newer homes are being built with additional appliances such as a refrigerator and full service range top kitchen. These types of kitchens are very popular because they save the need for purchasing separate appliances to prepare and cook food. They are also much more energy efficient than the single-purpose stoves and microwaves of the past. Even a home can easily become a full-service restaurant, when properly planned.

Commercial kitchen design services are available to businesses and private homes to assist in the design of fully equipped kitchens that are both functional and appealing to the eye. One of the most popular trends is the Frankfurt kitchen. This kitchen has a contemporary, yet retro feel to it. The style was created by combining the styles of the 50’s, with a modern appeal.

In the design of the Frankfurt kitchen the stove and refrigerator are one of the main distinguishable items. In a home, the stove occupies the largest portion of the room, while in a restaurant, the refrigerator is usually the smallest. In the Frankfurt kitchen, the stove is often set against one wall, with the back of the stove and the island on another wall. In some kitchens, the island can even be moved to a different location, should the need arise.

A popular choice for creating the Frank Frankfurt kitchen is the use of stainless steel and glass, along with high-tech appliances. Some of the more popular appliances include a fully operational blenders, slow cookers, and food processors. Other popular features include separate faucets for washing and rinsing, built in microwave ovens, and refrigerators with hoods. A well designed kitchen, using the highest quality equipment and materials, can save many hours of kitchen work, while reducing cleaning time required.

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